Our History

Orian Rugs® is a premier American manufacturer of decorative area and scatter rugs.
Established in 1979, our desire to produce fashionable rugs with global appeal sparked the creation of Orian Rugs’ world-class production facility in Anderson, South Carolina. Over the last 35 years, our state-of-the-art factory has rapidly expanded from 50,000 square feet to over 550,000 square feet. We are a privately owned, vertically integrated manufacturer with a global presence and a tradition of creative innovation.

Woven Rugs and Carpets

Orian Rugs and Mc Three make woven rugs and carpets. Initially, both companies were dedicated only to weaving. Over the years, both have been upgraded to fully-integrated entities. In both plants, production begins with manufacturing our own color batches and extrusion of polypropylene yarn. The process also includes yarn treatment, weaving, rug finishing and packaging—all in our current-technology facilities. Both plants also have modern warehousing properties, ensuring impeccable service by stocking the most regular SKU’s and fulfilling seasonal peak demands.

Our Companies

Orian Rugs consists of three companies, all of them active in the textile floor-covering industry. In order to expand the business and respond to the changing global business environment, the owners of Orian Rugs acquired Mc Three Carpets in Waregem, Belgium in 1993. Subsequently, Mc Three Carpets acquired Sofiteks, in Bursa, Turkey, in 2012. While three-quarters of our floor covering output is sold in North America and Europe, another 25% is sold almost everywhere in the world through an international network of agents and distributors.