area rug atop wood flooring

What the DPF?!?

If you’re in the area rug business, you know that DPF stands for “denier per filament,” but to the average consumer, a mention of DPF probably garners a blank stare, a forced grin and a hesitant head nod. Meanwhile, the consumer brain is running a series of other questions that start with “What the” and don’t end with “denier.” So, to help you break it down, we’re offering a crash course. 

DPF 101 

DPF (denier per filament) is simply a fancy way of scaling and communicating area rug softness. The formula divides filament by weight to calculate a chart-worthy number that communicates the softness of the area rug. Now, before PTSD sets in with two trains leaving two stations add up to the sound of purple, read on . . .  

The lower the number, the softer the yarn/rug. 

Now, because that doesn’t make sense as a stand-alone statement, we’ll give you a frame of reference.

Area rug softness is typically measured on a scale between 1 and 25. With 1 being the softest and most luxurious and 25 doubling as an emery board for your toenails if you walk across it barefoot. Eh – that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. 

Side view of rug to show pile height and thickness.
You don’t have to choose between softness and stability with ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns.


In real life, DPF makes a difference to the area rug’s application. For example, commercial grade carpet – which comes in around 23 – is great for handling the heavy foot traffic of airports and office buildings but falls short for your baby’s room. Make sense? 

ORILONLUXE yarn has a DPF around 3-3.5. Constructed of around 300-400 super-fine filaments per strand, this yarn creates area rugs with an unforgettable hand. Truly, this is one of the softest materials you’ll find on the market. Buy an area rug woven with ORILONLUXE yarns and prepare for an exquisitely touchable rug that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of – even though our rugs are made for bare feet! 

ORILON yarn has a DPF around 6-6.5. Constructed of around 240-300 filaments per strand, this indulgent material ensures supreme magnetism for hands and feet. Fluffy, soft and comfy – you’ll want to lounge on area rugs woven with ORILON yarns for movie night. 

Feet sinking into the sumptuously soft and high pile of an Orian Rug.
ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns deliver softness you can see and feel.

For the sake of comparison, you should know that your average, everyday area rug scores a 10 for DPF. And, while this may sound like a reasonable amount of softness, we urge you to put several area rugs to the touch test before you make a final area rug buying decision. We know that you’ll love what you see and feel with Orian Rugs. 

At the end of the day, the area rug you choose for your home should solve a specific set of needs. Is it attractive, do you love the pattern and color, is it strong and resilient and, most importantly, is it soft and touchable? After all, a rug that looks great but doesn’t feel good is really just a beautiful waste of money! 

Orian Rugs easily answers a resounding YES to each of these inquiries. Simply put – Orian Rugs are woven to perfection.