Take Good Care

Growing up in a small town, like Anderson, SC, most of us were raised to respect our elders, care for our belongings and try to fix what’s broken – figuratively and literally. That’s why we deeply appreciate your search for ways to care for and clean your area rug.

Orian Rugs’ Easy Area Rug Care

The good news about your Orian Rug is that it’s durable beyond belief. Woven of solution-dyed polypropylene yarns, our rugs offer a level of confidence that others simply cannot. That’s because polypropylene is naturally stain- and fade-resistant.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have free reign to christen your rug with a bottle of Pinot Noir. It does mean, however, that you don’t have to run around like your hair is on fire when someone knocks something over.

Yes, you want to move quickly to scoop up offending matter and blot up all the associated liquids. But there’s no need to cry, shriek or panic. Simply use our handy infographic to navigate the right steps in the proper order. After all, if you start with 6 you’re going to make things much worse for yourself.

And, making things worse is never the intention at Orian Rugs. We strive to design area rugs that make life better on their owners. Beyond beauty, we ensure our rugs are both comfortable and durable. We know that you have families – and families come with skateboards, lipstick, walkers, work boots and puppies. So, we manufacture a product that doesn’t have to be handled with kid gloves.

Real life happens. And, more often than not, it will happen right in the middle of your rug.

Breckenridge area rug in seashell

That’s why we encourage you to give it a shrug and follow our step-by-step cleaning guide. You’ll turn things around again.

Yes, yes . . . we know you want your house to be as perfect as an Instagram Influencer. But, we’ll let you in on a little insider secret – even their houses get messy sometimes!

So, here we are – right in the middle of a perfectly imperfect life looking for ways to bring the lessons of our childhood into the future. Whether you do it by looking out for your friends and neighbors, keeping a close watch over the care and maintenance of your belongings or seeking to mend all the broken fences, everyone at Orian Rugs salutes you.

Because, as long as we live, chocolate ice cream will jump out of bowls and a carefree cartwheel will send coffee mugs careening. Don’t worry – just take good care. Orian Rugs are built to withstand your family’s perfect imperfection.