Aerial view of Orian Rugs' building

Orian Rugs’ Ruby Anniversary

40 Years & Growing

Milestone birthdays and anniversaries have a way of making us stop and take account of our lives. Have we exhausted our past? Are we living fully in the present? Do we have a roadmap for where we want to go in the future? And, quite frankly, do we even know where that is?   

Orian’s 40th on May 10, 2019 is much the same. It’s a time of reflection, appreciation and aspiration. A time to honor our roots and celebrate the fruits of our labor – while keeping a fast focus on where we want to go as a company. 

Orian Rugs opened in 1979 in Anderson, SC.

40 years ago, Orian started as a small textile manufacturer with a 50,000 square foot building. Impressive for its time, it was destined for more. So much more, in fact, that the longest tenured employee, Kathy Kay, said that she heard about Orian from a friend who told her there was “tremendous opportunity for growth.” And grow Orian did. 

From 50,000 square feet in 1979 to 550,000 square feet in 2019. New looms, a larger workforce and a renewed sense of community prevail in this place – making Orian Rugs one of America’s largest woven area rug manufacturers. But, to the people who work here, Orian isn’t about size. It’s about spirit. 

Orian Veterans

A spirit of community and camaraderie flood this place. You don’t even have to work full-time in the building to feel it. In a brief visit, you’ll see it – on the smiles of faces, in the visible displays of support and the comfortable atmosphere of 500 people working hard towards a common goal . . . growth. 

To date, Orian Rugs produces 30% of the area rugs woven in America and, according to CEO Rob Merritt, the company will produce “50 on 50 – 50% at the company’s 50thAnniversary.” That’s a tall order that requires the unfailing dedication of every worker in the building. Maybe even a few more. But, it’s this kind of dedication that money can’t buy. 

Habitat for Humanity Build

Orian strives to be a place where people want to come to work. Everyone at Orian strives to create a culture of positivity and opportunity. Walk through the building – you’ll see people lifting one another up, supporting each other’s dreams, offering words of encouragement in tough times and going the extra mile for each other when they can. That’s something companies with a plant mentality just can’t compete with. To them, people are numbers. To Orian Rugs, our people are family. 

That’s why Orian is proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary with the announcement of the aptly named Ruby collection. As Orian’s most luxurious set of area rugs to date, the designs, intensity of color, plush softness of premium yarns and the silky hand exceed every expectation. The Ruby collection truly serves as a showcase for the time and talent of the craftspeople here in Anderson, South Carolina. After all, without an extraordinarily skilled team, we wouldn’t be able to produce something as remarkable as Ruby.  

Grand Opening Palmetto Living Showroom

As for our milestone moment, Orian is a bit older and wiser now. We know that there will be times of struggle and triumph. We know that loss and gain are inevitable. But we also know that the fight is worthwhile with the right people by your side. After all, it’s the juxtaposition of life that makes the fruits of victory taste their sweetest. 

40 Years . . . and growing. We are Orian Rugs.