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  • American-Made – Here to Stay

    Orian Rugs | Anderson, SC

    After an exhausting 10-month trade war between the U.S. and China, it seems there is no end in sight. This month, tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods jumped from 10% to 25% – with additional products in the sight line, including smartphones, toys, bicycles, watches and musical instruments.

    American worker check the quality of an area rug coming off the line in Anderson, SC.

    In a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said, “There won’t be any decision probably for another 30 to 45 days.” Not exactly music to buyers’ ears.

    He went on to say, “I’m still hopeful we can get back to the table. The two presidents will likely see each other at the end of June.” Adding that the impact of tariffs on American consumers was a key consideration in the U.S. trade strategy.

    After all, it’s the American people who will bear the cost of this trade war. Steve Pasierb, president of the Toy Association, a U.S.-based trade body said, “To be clear, China is not paying a penny of the tariffs; rather, U.S. companies and families are, through decreased profits and higher consumer prices.”

    The Richardsons – an Orian Family.

    And with an additional $300 billion on the table next month, the trend will continue unless consumers make a change to American made products. That’s because there is absolutely no way for manufacturers and buyers to cover the costs with their already-thin profit margins.

    In the textile industry, it’s a one-two punch with more than just soft goods impacted. It’s also the price of imported materials that go into making soft goods.

    That’s why Orian Rugs is proud to be vertically integrated in the USA. From design and yarn extrusion to weaving and shipping, everything happens in Anderson, South Carolina.

    Farmhouse Passing Ships Area Rug

    In an interview with Detroit-based Amber Engine, Orian’s Chief Revenue Officer Brandon Culpepper said, “Orian is well-positioned to serve American retailers in the current economic environment. Our products are made in America. Not only that, they are made exclusively in America. This means that Orian rugs are designed, the yarn is extruded, and the rugs are woven, finished, and shipped from under one roof in Anderson, SC. Orian is vertical, efficient and domestic – which means that the styling and value we offer stands out in the industry more than it ever has before. We are America’s answer for woven rugs in this era of price hikes due to tariffs and raw material price increases.”

    More great news about Orian Rugs

    Now, more than ever before, American made matters. U.S. goods are a win for retailers and American consumers – not only because they’re excluded from the trade war, but because it makes order fulfillment easier. Right now, U.S. ports are flooded with ships carrying excessive orders from those trying to get ahead of increase. This makes bringing foreign goods into the country in a timely manner even more difficult than before.

    The Leals – an Orian Family.

    So, no matter what happens with imports, American area rugs are attractively priced and free from the tariffs that terrorize other companies. Whether you’re a designer looking to complete a project, a retailer looking to fill a showroom or a consumer seeking affordable luxury – look no further than the good ol’ USA.

    We’re American-made and here to stay.

    Orian Rugs – and our signature brand, Palmetto Living – offer incredible value to the American consumer. Not only are our rugs gorgeously designed and reliably woven – they’re available in a variety of styles, colors and price points to meet people where they are in their journey. At the end of the day, our company believes that beauty and durability should be available and affordable to all.


    Bright, beautiful, fade-resistant area rugs are within reach.

    Calling all color lovers! We have something spectacular for you at Orian Rugs. 

    Yes, we adore the whitewashed stylings of Instagrammers everywhere, but do you know what else we’re absolutely fanatical about? COLOR. 

    Rug by Palmetto Living

    Bright, light, dark, saturated, shaded or subtle – bring it on. We are positively passionate about color and its application. And it shows in the beautiful yarns use to weave Orian Rugs. 

    ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns get their color in the extrusion process. We call this process “solution-dyed,” which means the color is actually built into each individual filament when the yarns are being created. 

    Other yarn makers use a “site-dye” processes – which means that the outsides of the yarn fibers are dyed after they are created. Which, at the on-set sounds fine enough, but you truly want to shop for solution dyed yarns if you want to own your area rug for any time at all. 

    Color saturates each filament that makes up ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns.

    Here’s why: 

    1. You can’t wipe color off of solution-dyed yarn. The color goes all the way through each individual fiber – completely saturating it in the chosen shade. In fact, if you cut each fiber in half and looked at it under a microscope, the color would be the same throughout the fiber – just like when you cut a carrot in half. 
    2. Solution dyed yarns are extraordinarily fade-resistant. Translation: bring on the everyday living. ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns stand up to sunlight, foot traffic and spot cleaning for colorfastness that lasts and lasts. 
    3. The colors are richer and more intense to create an area rug that’s every bit as lovely and luxe as you want it to be.  
    Rug by Palmetto Living

    So, whether you’re in the mood for a dramatic and daring dark rug, a vibrant and happy bright rug or a soothing and soft light rug, Orian Rugs has something for you. And, because Orian Rugs are woven with ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns, you can rest assured that your new area rug will hold its color through regular cleaning, impromptu dance parties, the kiddo’s sleepovers and cat naps . . . literally.  

    Live fearlessly atop your Orian Rug! Our area rugs are woven to perfection. 

  • What the DPF?!?

    If you’re in the area rug business, you know that DPF stands for “denier per filament,” but to the average consumer, a mention of DPF probably garners a blank stare, a forced grin and a hesitant head nod. Meanwhile, the consumer brain is running a series of other questions that start with “What the” and don’t end with “denier.” So, to help you break it down, we’re offering a crash course. 

    DPF 101 

    DPF (denier per filament) is simply a fancy way of scaling and communicating area rug softness. The formula divides filament by weight to calculate a chart-worthy number that communicates the softness of the area rug. Now, before PTSD sets in with two trains leaving two stations add up to the sound of purple, read on . . .  

    The lower the number, the softer the yarn/rug. 

    Now, because that doesn’t make sense as a stand-alone statement, we’ll give you a frame of reference.

    Area rug softness is typically measured on a scale between 1 and 25. With 1 being the softest and most luxurious and 25 doubling as an emery board for your toenails if you walk across it barefoot. Eh – that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. 

    Side view of rug to show pile height and thickness.
    You don’t have to choose between softness and stability with ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns.

    DPF IRL 

    In real life, DPF makes a difference to the area rug’s application. For example, commercial grade carpet – which comes in around 23 – is great for handling the heavy foot traffic of airports and office buildings but falls short for your baby’s room. Make sense? 

    ORILONLUXE yarn has a DPF around 3-3.5. Constructed of around 300-400 super-fine filaments per strand, this yarn creates area rugs with an unforgettable hand. Truly, this is one of the softest materials you’ll find on the market. Buy an area rug woven with ORILONLUXE yarns and prepare for an exquisitely touchable rug that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of – even though our rugs are made for bare feet! 

    ORILON yarn has a DPF around 6-6.5. Constructed of around 240-300 filaments per strand, this indulgent material ensures supreme magnetism for hands and feet. Fluffy, soft and comfy – you’ll want to lounge on area rugs woven with ORILON yarns for movie night. 

    Feet sinking into the sumptuously soft and high pile of an Orian Rug.
    ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns deliver softness you can see and feel.

    For the sake of comparison, you should know that your average, everyday area rug scores a 10 for DPF. And, while this may sound like a reasonable amount of softness, we urge you to put several area rugs to the touch test before you make a final area rug buying decision. We know that you’ll love what you see and feel with Orian Rugs. 

    At the end of the day, the area rug you choose for your home should solve a specific set of needs. Is it attractive, do you love the pattern and color, is it strong and resilient and, most importantly, is it soft and touchable? After all, a rug that looks great but doesn’t feel good is really just a beautiful waste of money! 

    Orian Rugs easily answers a resounding YES to each of these inquiries. Simply put – Orian Rugs are woven to perfection. 

  • Area Rugs: A Sum of Parts

    When it comes to gorgeous floor coverings, area rugs truly are a sum of their parts. But of all the elements, the yarn is quite possibly the most important. 

    The yarn used to weave an area rug makes a tremendous difference on its look and feel. For example, a plush 3-ply yarn will feel worlds different than a single-ply – not that one is better than the other. Whether or not you should shop for a thicker or thinner yarn is determined by the goals you have for the space you’re outfitting with said area rug. 

    Because consumer goals are so diverse, Orian Rugs works to create a luxurious outcome – regardless of ply. That’s why we manufacture the yarns we use to weave our rugs, right here, in our manufacturing facility in Anderson, SC. 

    What makes Orian Rugs different? OUR YARNS.

    And, unlike other yarn manufacturers, we use 75% of what we create to build the area rugs we sell. Why? 

    Because we do one thing and we do it well. We make area rugs. 

    We’re not in the business of carpeting an airplane or making on-deck coverings for marine craft. We are weavers at heart and passionately work to create the highest quality area rugs on the market. And that starts with a really great yarn. 

    That’s why we created the branded yarns ORILON and ORILONLUXE. Used to create the area rugs we weave on-site; these yarns are spun with a specific set of goals in mind . . . to produce rugs that are soft, thick and smooth to the touch. 

    And, because no one exists in a vacuum, both ORILON and ORILONLUXE were made with real life in mind. Our yarns are incredibly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. After all, real life comes with kids, pets, spouses and clumsy friends who spill their wine.

    Extraordinarily soft and plush, the Cottontail collection is a testament to luxury.
    Cottontail collection

    That’s why, when people ask us what makes an Orian Rug so special, we can say without hesitation or pause . . . YARN. Our yarns make our area rugs leaders in the industry – for a soft touch, thick pile and a strong resistance to the things that ruin other rugs. 

    So, whether you’re a retailer looking for superior-quality products that will truly resonate with your customers or, you’re a consumer looking for a gorgeous area rug for your favorite living space, look to Orian Rugs. We’re woven to perfection. 

  • Orian Rugs’ Ruby Anniversary

    40 Years & Growing

    Milestone birthdays and anniversaries have a way of making us stop and take account of our lives. Have we exhausted our past? Are we living fully in the present? Do we have a roadmap for where we want to go in the future? And, quite frankly, do we even know where that is?   

    Orian’s 40th on May 10, 2019 is much the same. It’s a time of reflection, appreciation and aspiration. A time to honor our roots and celebrate the fruits of our labor – while keeping a fast focus on where we want to go as a company. 

    Orian Rugs opened in 1979 in Anderson, SC.

    40 years ago, Orian started as a small textile manufacturer with a 50,000 square foot building. Impressive for its time, it was destined for more. So much more, in fact, that the longest tenured employee, Kathy Kay, said that she heard about Orian from a friend who told her there was “tremendous opportunity for growth.” And grow Orian did. 

    From 50,000 square feet in 1979 to 550,000 square feet in 2019. New looms, a larger workforce and a renewed sense of community prevail in this place – making Orian Rugs one of America’s largest woven area rug manufacturers. But, to the people who work here, Orian isn’t about size. It’s about spirit. 

    Orian Veterans

    A spirit of community and camaraderie flood this place. You don’t even have to work full-time in the building to feel it. In a brief visit, you’ll see it – on the smiles of faces, in the visible displays of support and the comfortable atmosphere of 500 people working hard towards a common goal . . . growth. 

    To date, Orian Rugs produces 30% of the area rugs woven in America and, according to CEO Rob Merritt, the company will produce “50 on 50 – 50% at the company’s 50thAnniversary.” That’s a tall order that requires the unfailing dedication of every worker in the building. Maybe even a few more. But, it’s this kind of dedication that money can’t buy. 

    Habitat for Humanity Build

    Orian strives to be a place where people want to come to work. Everyone at Orian strives to create a culture of positivity and opportunity. Walk through the building – you’ll see people lifting one another up, supporting each other’s dreams, offering words of encouragement in tough times and going the extra mile for each other when they can. That’s something companies with a plant mentality just can’t compete with. To them, people are numbers. To Orian Rugs, our people are family. 

    That’s why Orian is proud to celebrate our 40th anniversary with the announcement of the aptly named Ruby collection. As Orian’s most luxurious set of area rugs to date, the designs, intensity of color, plush softness of premium yarns and the silky hand exceed every expectation. The Ruby collection truly serves as a showcase for the time and talent of the craftspeople here in Anderson, South Carolina. After all, without an extraordinarily skilled team, we wouldn’t be able to produce something as remarkable as Ruby.  

    Grand Opening Palmetto Living Showroom

    As for our milestone moment, Orian is a bit older and wiser now. We know that there will be times of struggle and triumph. We know that loss and gain are inevitable. But we also know that the fight is worthwhile with the right people by your side. After all, it’s the juxtaposition of life that makes the fruits of victory taste their sweetest. 

    40 Years . . . and growing. We are Orian Rugs.  

  • How To Clean Your New Area Rug

    Hooray – after weeks and months of searching for the right size, color and texture, you finally have a new area rug. It’s gorgeous and looks great with your existing décor and new accent pieces . . . but before you can even pose for your first Insta story, Sir Marks-A-Lot of the Yellow-Wood Forest piddles right in the middle of your new rug. 

    Before you go new pet shopping, take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars that your rug is constructed of polypropylene or nylon. These yarns are naturally stain-resistant and extraordinarily receptive to spot cleaning. You just need to watch out for the backing. If your backing contains jute, it’s susceptible to excessive moisture. 

    We’re linking to our care and cleaning guide as a handy reference. There’s a pdf you can print and file away in your ‘OMG, What Now?!?’ folder. For now, though, remember these simple steps: 

    1. Work from the outside of the stain inward to the middle. This prevents spreading. 
    2. Use a dabbing motion with a white cloth or towel. This prevents fuzzing and pilling. 
    3. Follow the label instructions for spot treatment solutions – including application and rinsing – taking special care to minimize the amount of moisture you add if you have jute backing. 
    4. Dry thoroughly 
    5. Take 2 on the Insta story – minus Mr. Mister. 

    When you buy a rug from Orian, you’re getting a look you love without a ton of worry. That’s because we create compelling collections with real life in mind. After all, if your kids can’t play on it, your pets can sleep on it and your spouse can’t walk on it – what’s the point of owning it? You don’t live in a museum – so toss out the notion of ‘look, don’t touch’ when it comes to Orian area rugs. From material and texture to color and pattern, we’ve got you covered.  

  • Going Green

    Spring 2019 brings the outdoors in with deep emerald hues and pops of coral and pink. The result? A refreshing indoor space that feels calm and cool.

    After all, people want to feel more connected to nature. That’s the idea behind Biophilic Design. With an emphasis on removing barriers to the natural elements that enhance and contribute to human health, this movement has a reach that far exceeds trend and embraces overall wellbeing.

    To create the trendy, Going Green look for yourself:

    1. Start with a soft, touchable rug – like the Riverstone Digital Stream Multi, Riverstone Dreamstate Multi or the Riverstone Distant Meadow Bay Beige. With gentle hues and a supple hand, these gorgeous area rugs lay the groundwork for natural design and warmly welcome bare feet. 
    2. Layer on deep greens. Whether you use a stylish temporary wallpaper, cozy throw or commit to an emerald green sofa, the soothing hue enhances relaxation. 
    3. Add pops of pink or coral in the form of flowers, art or sculpture to add vibrant energy. 
    4. Incorporate natural elements, like plants, natural light or a water feature. If these aren’t available, use photography or incorporate art that imitates the elements.
    5. Accessorize with natural elements, like wooden candleholders or bowls with fresh fruit and glass vases with large leaves or eucalyptus stems.    

    With just a few easy steps, it’s easy to build a welcoming space where friends and family feel connected and at peace. How do you create natural connections in your interior? Leave us a note in the Comments section below.