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  • Sage Park Acquires the Assets of Orian Rugs, Inc., a Leading Vertically Integrated Textile Designer and Manufacturer of Woven Rugs and Specialized Yarn Products.

    Nashville, Oct. 6, 2022 – Sage Park, a global, operations focused acquisition group, today announced it has completed the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Orian Rugs, Inc. of Anderson, South Carolina (“Orian”). Orian is an integrated domestic manufacturer of woven rugs, as well as specialized yarn products which service multiple applications.  

    Orian operates in two primary segments: the design and manufacture of on-trend, high value woven rugs for national, specialty and e-commerce retailers; and the complex manufacturing of specialized yarn products which support the commercial furniture, home, and automotive industries.  

    “For more than 43 years Orian built a successful American made brand using U.S. and globally sourced components with a well-earned reputation among its loyal customers for designing and creating quality products,” said Sage Park Chairman and CEO Robert Joubran. “We are committed to building on Orian’s rich heritage and investing in continued innovation” Joubran continued; “We look forward to partnering with Orian’s management team to continue growing the comprehensive manufacturing capabilities Orian developed in both yarn and rug products, while enhancing our relationships with Orian’s customer base.”

    Headquartered in Anderson, South Carolina, Orian will continue to operate from its 730,000 sq. ft. facility. 

    “Orian has been a premier American manufacturer of decorative area and scatter rugs,” says Sage Park COO Thomas Stenglein.  “Led by a management team of dedicated individuals, Orian retained the highest levels of control throughout the production process and established long-standing relationships with blue chip customers.”

    “We are extremely excited to have completed this transaction with the Sage Park team as this process was extremely smooth and transparent.” said Chris Veit, with ABTV, strategic advisors to Orian. “Sage Park’s team is very experienced, operationally focused and, I’m confident that under Sage Park’s ownership, the rug and yarn business will continue to grow, and the products and services offered will expand to meet the needs of this diverse customer base.”

    For more information on Orian, visit and for information on Sage Park, visit

    Stout Capital Markets served as financial advisors to Orian in the transaction. Terms of the transaction are not being disclosed.

    About Sage Park
    Sage Park is an acquisition group focused on operational excellence and is renowned for the value creation we deliver for our businesses. We invest tremendous time and energy to facilitate operational improvements, business strategies, direction, and growth. By aligning acquisition expertise with operational proficiency, we create additional value through acquisitions of corporate and private divestitures.

    About Orian

    Orian is a creative and innovative leader in the textile floor-covering industry. Strategically located in Anderson, South Carolina since 1979, the Company manufactures decorative area and scatter rugs. Operating out of its state-of-the-art facility, Orian also manufactures its own color batches and extrusion of polypropylene yarn for weaving, finishing, packaging, and distribution. The Company is committed to building a better America by creating high quality rugs and yarns manufactured in the USA using U.S. and globally sourced components.

  • Sage Park, Inc. Names Scott Dahl Chief Executive Officer of its latest Acquisition SP Orian LLC. SP Orian is a Leading Vertically Integrated Textile and Manufacturer of Woven Rugs and Specialty Yarns

    Press Release

    Anderson, Oct. 14, 2022 – Sage Park, a global operations focused acquisition group, today announced it has appointed Scott Dahl as the new Chief Executive Officer of its latest acquisition, SP Orian LLC. Dahl, with an extensive background as an executive in publicly traded, and family owned businesses, joins Orian, effective November 1st.

    “We look forward to adding Scott’s expertise, credentials and leadership capabilities to Orian’s management team” said Tom Stenglein, Sage Park’s Chief Operating Officer. “Scott is a seasoned executive with several years of experience in managing businesses and growing organizations. We’re excited to have him on board.  His depth of experience, combined with his guidance and direction, uniquely positions Orian to be able to grow into its next chapter.”

    “I am excited to lead Orian’s seasoned management team as we continue to grow and transform,” said Dahl. “My passion is helping businesses provide outstanding products to customers through operational excellence and I look forward to working alongside Sage Park’s team, and continuing Orian’s rich heritage and culture.”

    Scott Dahl has a thirty-year track record of revenue growth, operational excellence, financial results, and transformation management with leading global manufacturing and technology businesses. Scott has served in CEO, President, and General Manager roles for the past twelve years at successful organizations, including HSM’s Transportation division, Magneti Marelli’s NAFTA Powertrain Division, Winona PVD Coatings, Technibilt, and Robert Bosch’s Starter Motor and Generator Division. Scott received his BS in Electrical Engineering from GMI Engineering & Management Institute and has graduated from numerous business management programs at both Carnegie Mellon University and the European School for Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany.

    About SP Orian LLC.

    Orian is a creative and innovative leader in the textile floor-covering industry. Strategically located in Anderson, South Carolina since 1979, the Company manufactures decorative area and scatter rugs. Operating out of its state-of-the-art facility, Orian also manufactures its own color batches and extrusions of polypropylene yarn for weaving, finishing, packaging, and distribution. The Company is committed to building a better America by creating high quality rugs and yarns manufactured in the USA using U.S. and globally sourced components.

    Max Mansour


  • Orian Rugs teams up with Sara McDaniel of Simply Southern Cottage

    We’re so excited to announce our latest collaboration, with the one and only Sara McDaniel of Simply Southern Cottage! As a former school teacher turned interior designer, real estate investor, and content creator, Sara has an amazing story. In 2016, she purchased and renovated a broken-down cottage in Minden, Louisiana and since starting her social accounts and blog, @simplysoutherncottage, her influence has exploded and continues to grow daily. We can’t wait to see what she does with our rugs!

    Sara was recently featured on HGTV Hometown Kickstart. And her work and home have been noted in top-shelf publications, television programming, and prominent websites such as Better Homes and Gardens, The Today Show, Southern Lady, Forbes, The Spruce, Cottages and Bungalows, American Farmhouse Style, HGTV online, plus many, many others. We are excited to partner with Sara to launch her very first Simply Southern Cottage rug collection. We area thrilled to bring her warm, cozy cottage style to homes all across America.

    Sara’s inspiration for the collection was inspired by the simplicity and beauty of southern life. She meticulously designed each rug to represent timeless charm, wit, and lifestyle. Simply Southern Cottage’s entire collection is filled with cozy, whimsical rugs, that are all made in the USA.

    The Simply Southern Cottage Rug Collection will feature 13 different designs in multiple colorways, all of which were inspired by Sara’s own personal southern charm. The collection will be available in five different sizes (2×8,5×7,6×9,8×10,9×12) and will be made of 100% polypropylene for durability, easy maintenance, and at a great price point.

    Design Highlights Include:

    1. Academy: A nod to Sara’s southern roots, this design is a truly beautiful traditional with a modern colorway.
    2. Belhaven: Adds a bit of Simply Southern-inspired style with a mosaic medallion pattern in soft colors.
    3. Bistineau: This design is a showstopper in both design and color, including an updated take on a French chintz style in navy, creating a perfect warm inviting atmosphere.
    4. Franklin Floral: Timeless beauty with a touch of flair offered in 6 different amazing colorways.
    5. Jefferson Floral: This design was inspired by Sara’s love of floral blossoms in springtime. Offered in 4 unique colorways.
    6. Laurel: Vintage style Persian design combined with neutral grey and small pops of color for a touch of charm.
    7. Taylor: Soft beautiful mosaic medallion pattern with a grey backdrop combined with lovely pops of color.
    8. Webster: The intricate overlapped mosaic medallion design is reminiscent of classic oriental design, while the subtle multi-color palette gives it a fresh, modern twist.
    9. Covington: Durable indoor/outdoor design with a simple geometric pattern offered in 6 colorways.
    10. Dorcheat: Durable indoor/outdoor design in a classic striped pattern is perfect for adding a touch of timeless charm to any room, while the dots add a playful touch. Offered in 4 colorways.
    11. Lecompte: The durable indoor/outdoor design showcases a unique checkered pattern combined with neutral off-white and is offered in 5 different colorways.
    12. Minden: This indoor/outdoor design features a beautifully updated plaid pattern offered in 5 beautiful colorways.
    13. Springhill: Durable indoor/outdoor design with a sophisticated geometric pattern offered in 6 colorways.

    Follow Sara on her social media accounts (@simplysoutherncottage) for more information about the collection as it becomes available. Simply Southern Cottage launch date will be September 30th.

  • How-To Drive Rug Sales

    It sounds counter-intuitive to hear a rug company say “not a rug,” doesn’t it? But, think about it . . . you wouldn’t sell a suit without suggesting a shirt and tie – so, why would you sell furniture without suggesting an area rug to pull an entire look together?

    Over and again, home furnishings and home décor retailers look for better ways to increase sales tickets with less effort. That’s why we suggest, rather than positioning the rug as a stand-alone item, incorporate it into the entire offering and sell the complete feeling of “right at home” instead.

    My Texas House by Orian Bluebonnets area rug photographed by Kim Hazel

    Yes, there are rug retailers absolutely crushing it when it comes to individual rug sales. But, these professionals have mastered their niche – rug sales – by building a business and the resulting relationships that makes them the go-to for one rug purchases. You, furniture retailer, have a vastly different offering that requires a different approach.

    When furniture and home décor retailers place rugs in their showroom vignettes, their sales reps enjoy increased commissions because it makes it easy for the customer to “see” the end result. After all, the number one obstacle to rug sales is fear. That’s right. Good old-fashioned fear.

    Farmhouse Grand Turk Area Rug

    People are afraid to make the wrong choice when it comes to buying an area rug. Consider it from their point of view – an area rug is a big, heavy, cumbersome mistake if it doesn’t “work” with the home’s furnishings or paint colors. That’s why we’ve enjoyed watching our retailers increase sales again and again by taking the “entire room” approach. Not to mention the added benefit of reduced returns! That’s right, when consumers can see the rug with the furniture prior to a purchase commitment, consumer confidence improves, customer satisfaction increases and returns reduce.

    Additionally, when an area rug is positioned with furniture, it’s easy to speak to the way an area rug completes the room. This conversation is one of the training elements our reps offer to our retailers. Teach your clients and customers how the rug draws all of the room’s beautiful elements together to give it a complete and grounded feel. And, if the customer doesn’t enjoy a particular style or design, it’s easy enough to recommend a substitute design in a similar color palette.

    Before/After Area Rug

    To help one of our retailers get a feel for how much of an impact a rug can have in a showroom setting, we photoshopped a selection or two into place for this retailer. You can see the dramatic difference a rug makes in the room scene. And when they placed the rugs in real life, which vignette do you think customers gravitated toward when the retailer took our suggestion and placed the rug in the room? You bet! The one with the area rug.

    Of course, area rug sizing also matters when it comes to customer satisfaction. It’s one thing to throw a huge 12×15 in a warehouse-sized furniture showroom. But, some of your customers won’t be able to accommodate that at home. That’s why it’s important to understand how to help your clients choose the appropriate rug size and then order accordingly.

    My Texas House by Orian Cotton Blossom Area Rug

    With the popularity of open floorplans we have noticed a marked upswing in the size of our top-performing area rugs. Over the last few years, our numbers prove that homeowners continue to shift their preference from the 5×8 to the 8×10 and, in some instances, even the 9×13. But, if your clients have a small loft, apartment or home, the 5×8 may be their best choice.

    At the end of the day, adding an area rug to every sales ticket boosts your business without additional effort. You’re already selling the furniture – by adding an area rug you’re simply showing how the right floor covering pulls the entire room together. Higher ticket sales and improved customer satisfaction should be proof enough for the ensemble approach to furniture and home décor sales. Especially if you work for a company that offers higher commissions on home décor products!  

  • A Conversation with Simply Southern Cottage’s Sara McDaniel

    In search of a spark to start the new year, I picked up the phone for a chat with Sara of Simply Southern Cottage. After all, there’s no one better to instill a sense of hope and optimism than the lady who pursued her dream home in Minden, LA for almost two years!

    Sara’s Fav Christmas Porch

    We chatted about the holidays and the house . . . did a little dreaming about future projects and some reminiscing, too. If you’re not familiar with Sara’s story, it’s definitely worth a read. She is a testament to the power of faith – even in the beginning, when it’s the size of a mustard seed.

    O: You are such an inspiration on so many levels. Your story of renovation and redemption lifts me personally and professionally – to know that even the strangest nudge has a way of working out in the end. I love that you listened to that still, small voice.

    SM: It was hard at first! I tried to ignore it, but the whisper persisted until I just couldn’t fight it. At that point it was more like a yell!  

    Breeze Cerulean

    O: But, the payoff was worth it. Just look at your cottage!

    SM: It has been an amazing journey, for sure. I’ve just grown so much through all of it.

    O: I absolutely adore your front porch – it’s such a great space! And I love that you style for each season. Which of your scenes do you love the best? Not that they’re not all fabulous.

    Sara’s Dream(Catcher) Life

    SM: This year’s Christmas, for sure. I had a vision for what I wanted and it actually worked! I need my front porch to exude Southern charm and create a welcoming atmosphere – whether I have guests coming over or people are just driving by. The fall porch was my second favorite.

    O: We love – and truly appreciate – that you have our indoor/outdoor rugs on your gorgeous porches. How are those working out? Like, for real-real. Don’t feel compelled to embellish.

    SM: Omigosh, I love them. I’ve had the Boucle Biscay in Driftwood out there for more than a year now and it still looks new.

    O: That is great to hear! What are you doing to it?

    Breeze Aegean

    SM: I literally just blow it off with a leaf blower once a month. Seriously, it holds up so well. It gets intense sun, this IS Louisiana, I’ve had plants on it that have tipped over – I just blow it off! I had one spill that needed a rinse, but that’s it.  

    O: They’re resilient. Just like the homeowner! Which other patterns do you own?

    SM: I have the Breeze Cerulean and Aegean – and the Boucle Jenna.  

    O: Wow! That’s quite the collection. What drew you to these rugs initially?

    Fabulous fall decor

    SM: The soft patterns and neutral colors. I knew I wanted something that would pair easily with seasonal décor and other fabrics. When I moved into the cottage, I wanted to create a simple, calm space that included wood, light colors and lots of textures.

    O: The Boucle and Breeze collections certainly do all of that!

    SM: Yes. Then, after living with the rugs, I fell in love with the ease of them. I don’t have a lot of time between my job, my blog and renovating a new space – I can’t spend my time scrubbing, so these rugs are perfect for my life. They’re easy.

    O: Speaking of your new project, where is it taking you?

    Boucle Jenna

    SM: It’s right here in Minden! I absolutely love my town and want everyone to have a chance to see it for what it is – warm and inviting. We’re named “The Friendliest City in the South”!

    After a conversation with Sara, it’s easy to see why Minden earned its name. She is the quintessential girl next door – a brilliant combination of soft and strong with a side of sass and spunk! Plus, she has great style . . . as evidenced by her love of Orian rugs. Subscribe to her blog and follow along on her adventures on Instagram. You’re sure to walk away with a healthy dose of inspiration for the year ahead – just like we did.

  • (What You Absolutely MUST Know) About Area Rugs

    I started working for Orian Rugs less than a year ago. In that short time, I’ve learned a few things about area rug construction and sizing. More importantly, though, I’ve learned that area rugs have a funny way of taking people out at the knees.

    So, if you’re shopping for the perfect rug right now and find yourself stressed, unsure, frustrated and feel like you’re chasing your tail . . . welcome to the party! Here’s what you need to know while you’re here:

    1. Your friends/family/neighbors don’t know what they’re doing either.

    Regardless of how “together” someone else’s room seems, they started at the same place you stand now – on a bare floor, scratching their head about how to choose an area rug. So, take a deep breath and let yourself off the hook. The good news/bad news of this revelation – there is no magical formula that ensures selection perfection. Buying an area rug is more of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” rather than a romance novel.  

    Right now, you’re likely starting at one of two points:

    1. You have a fully-furnished living space and need an area rug to fit into your existing style. Welcome to the majority! As luxurious as completely starting over sounds, most of us are simply working to change things up a bit. To choose your rug, browse inspirational photos online to find furniture and décor styles similar to your own. Then, shop for an area rug that rings the same bells. Just don’t get too attached. You might start changing your mind as you consider a few other factors. For now, though, you advance to 2.
    2. You’re starting from the ground up – with either no furniture or a plan to replace everything you own. Hello ambitious one! What a fabulous undertaking! Starting from the ground up gives you two distinct starting points: a. “I love this area rug so hard and I simply can’t live another day without it. This is my new soul mate!” If this is you, pack your bag and move on to 2. b. I want to create a certain aesthetic in my home and don’t necessarily have a rug in mind so much as I have a “look” or “feel” that I want to accomplish.

    Your best bet here is to simultaneously make rug, furniture, paint and accessories selections – keeping in mind that you might want to change your mind as your project moves forward.

    For example, let’s say you want to create something very Farmhouse. You look online and pin 53,000 images from Joanna et al. Then, you go about finding the particular pieces. You choose a beautiful Benjamin Moore blue for the walls, find the perfect sofa and accent chair and discover the Orian Farmhouse collection.

    Your heart sings when you see the Grand Turk area rug in cerulean blue – and on you go. Except that, when you actually paint the walls, you realize that you’ve overdone it with the blue and steer towards the same rug in Driftwood or choose a lighter blue and white combo, like Passing Ships in seashell.

    Now you see how small adjustments to the expected area rug outcome get you to the same destination with a slightly different route. Now you’re free to set sail for area rug sizing – Point 2.

    2. One size does NOT fit all.

    Sizing befuddles the brilliant, so you can simmer down. Paying attention in Geometry class instead of passing notes with your BFF wouldn’t have you feeling any more confident. I promise. Some of the brightest people I know have sent messages (after learning of my Orian Rugs employment) to please help them understand how to choose the right size area rug.  

    Alas, if there was one gloriously easy formula for instant satisfaction, we would never see another bare floor! Oh no, variables and naked floors abound.

    To help you muddle through the murky size waters, we’ve put together some helpful reference material – like a blog and infographics – to serve as a step-by-step guide to choosing the right size area rug for your room. In the meantime, though, consider whether you want some, all or none of your furniture on the area rug.

    • If you want all of your furniture on the rug, measure the size of the room – allotting space for a border of the existing floor around the edges of the rug.
    • If you want only the front legs of the furniture on, place your furniture in the room and measure accordingly.
    • If you want no furniture on the rug, a 5×8 area rug will likely serve your needs beautifully.

    However, you have to keep your unique space in mind when choosing rug size and furniture arrangement. A 5×8 rug will be lost in a 5,000 square foot home, but will generously complement a Manhattan studio.  Quite the variable, huh?

    Another important consideration: transport and placement. The bigger the rug, the heavier and more awkward it is. So it’s important to know how you’ll get it home and, subsequently, placed. If you’re shopping for a shag or some other fluffy rug and can’t handle the weight, consider placing 2 5x8s side by side and pushing the pile together to hide the seam. 

    3. Material matters.

    The material you choose will determine the care and wear of your new area rug – so don’t just buy something because it looks good. You absolutely must consider that funny side effect called ownership. Ho-hum.  

    Wool, silk, cotton and other natural yarns typically come with high-maintenance care routines. I can’t speak to these as I don’t have any real experience with them. What I do know, however, is that synthetics are incredible.

    I know, I know . . . the word synthetic is doused with polyester-laden images of 70’s shirts. But, the new synthetic is like anything you’ve ever felt before. And it all starts with a little something called “extrusion.” The yarn extrusion process is the art of transforming resin into a sublimely soft yarn that not only feels amazing, but is also stain-resistant, non-fading and easy-to-clean. Read that again, wine lovers . . . stain resistant.

    Personally, the easy-to-clean part opens my ears. I don’t have time for fussy care routines. Plus, I don’t need the pressure of ruining a crazy expensive wool or silk rug. I mean, I’m adulting . . . but only barely. So, I’m not trying to get carried away with the number of things I’m in charge of caring for!  

    I digress. Polypropylene area rugs are truly a godsend for people who, like me, want to entertain their friends and family without getting warped about Aunt Joan and Cousin Donna having exaggerated conversations with full glasses of red wine. These rugs are made for real life and daily living. But, they’re luxurious and beautiful enough for placement in high-end spaces.

    In addition to looking at the yarn material, you’ll also want to check out the backing. If your rug contains jute or cotton, only use it indoors. There are 100% polypropylene rugs that are approved for indoor or outdoor use, but if there’s jute or cotton in the backing they’re inside-only. The label should indicate if your area rug is an indoor/outdoor rug, but if there’s question, look at the materials list.

    Here’s why: natural fibers – like jute and cotton – are susceptible to moisture. This means that you need to be careful about placement AND care. This includes spot treatment. When you spot clean an area rug with a jute backing, take time and care not to douse the rug with cleaning solution or rinse water. Yes, dabbing takes ages. Do it anyway.  

    Not only will the wetting and drying of the backing cause buckling and warping, it will also speed deterioration. I, personally, want my rugs to last until I decide I’m ready for a change. And speaking of change, we’re on to the point 4.

    4. It’s okay to be fickle. Great rugs are available at approachable price points.  

    As a consumer, one of the biggest roadblocks to my buying a rug was my penchant for redecorating. Because, I thought, that until I hit the numbers, my bank account determines the extent to which I can update my rooms. To my happy surprise – that’s not the case!  

    What I have learned during my time at Orian is that there are rugs designed to appeal to trend and rugs designed to last a lifetime. And both can be shockingly affordable. Yes, trendier pieces will time out and you’ll want to buy a new area rug faster, but if you’re smart about your selection, the decision to update won’t break the bank.

    Just don’t disregard the timeless patterns on account of building a trendier space. Many “new traditional” rugs feature classic patterns in updated color palettes – which means you can use a timeless style in a trend focused space. When the furniture phases out, the rug remains relevant and you’re able to put new pieces on top.

    Or, you can find a new life for the old rug elsewhere in your home. For example, when I bought my new house, I took the runners that used to flank my bed and made them at home in my kitchen. Then, I bought 3 new rugs for the bedroom because I like a layered look. Maybe your living room rug moves into the office area and the dining room rug gets a place in the guest bedroom. Do-si-do . . . you get the point!

    Whatever you choose, know that buying an area rug doesn’t have to break the bank. There are countless area rugs out there at very approachable prices. And, if you make a mistake or things go awry, don’t despair! Check the return/exchange policy of your retailer of choice. Also know the warranty available on your new area rug by the manufacturer.

    Orian works with TONS of great retailers who offer easy returns and exchanges. Plus, the company covers the rugs for one-year from the purchase date to protect consumers against defects.

    Of course, if you simply tire of your new look quickly and long for a refresh, re-home your rug within your home! It’s okay to be fickle about home fashion. That’s the fun of interior décor!

  • Buy Your Next Area Rug Online!

    I remember a time – before Amazon and Wayfair – when people simply couldn’t believe home fashions would ever be bought online. I can still hear my friend’s mom, “It’s crazy to think someone would buy a chair without sitting in it! How will they know if the length of the cushion is right for their legs? I just don’t see how this can work.”

    Fast-forward and our lives are PRIME! Free, 2-day shipping rocks us to sleep at night and we’re all pursuing the life of our dreams in point-and-click style.

    There are a few hold-outs, though, who refuse to buy textiles online, like area rugs. But for some, the benefits of buying an area rug online far outweighs the criticisms – especially considering the current assets on some of our favorite area rug websites. The image quality and videos of today’s online retailer almost let you touch and feel through your screen. It’s no longer necessary to run a hand across the face of a new rug. The hand model will do it for you. And when it comes to AR and VR integrations? Forget about it! It’s the next best thing to taking your new area rug home and trying it on your floor for free!

    Here are a few good reasons why you should, in fact, buy your next area rug online:

    .Coms make area rug shopping EASY

    Let’s be honest – no one wants to spend hours, weeks and months driving across town, out of town and all around in the name of finding the perfect rug. Especially when you can click your way to a broader selection than you would ever find on the road! It’s the world wide web, remember? And the best part? You can do all of this from the comfort of your home after the kids go to bed, at lunch or at your desk when you’re pretending to crank out that data analysis for the boss. *yawn* As an added bonus, you save gas money and avoid traffic-associated road rage.

    .Coms offer a tremendous variety of area rugs

    The aforementioned “broader selection” is worth an extra mention here. Shopping for your next area rug online affords you the luxury of filtering. So, if you’re shopping for a blue rug – filter – that’s 5×8 – filter – and traditional in nature – filter – that’s acceptable for indoor or outdoor use – filter – you’re left with a handful of exquisite selections that meet your exact criteria. Another beautiful bonus? You can set your price parameters before you start shopping so you don’t fall in love with an Aston Martin on a Ford budget.

    Improved manufacturing quality creates confident online buys

    Modern manufacturing is nothing short of amazing. Especially when you touch and feel machine woven rugs. Tight, precise and stable – these area rugs are truly built to please. And not just from a sensory perspective! Yes, they’re pretty and soft, but practically speaking, machine woven area rugs stand up to your busy home (pets and kids included) holding their shape and color for years. 

    Online shopping offers instant insight into others’ experience with the rug

    In a perfect world, your BFF would accompany you to every store and give her honest opinion and review of every rug you peruse. Alas, jobs. But, thanks to the magic of the interwebs, you have 18,739 BFFs! Rug reviews ensure the experience of ownership before you buy. Think about it – if Karen spilled gravy on the rug at Thanksgiving and it started to unravel, you know she would write about it. Likewise, if the color, texture and performance please, you’ll read about that, too! In other words, reviews are the equivalent of shopping with a bestie who already bought it, vacuumed it, spot treated it and told you all about it. 

    .Coms offer competitive area rug pricing

    In addition to filtering for rugs within your budget, you’ll likely find that the online price is generally lower than what you’ll find in a brick-and-mortar store. Your online experience also comes with flash sales and discount codes to further sweeten the pot. By now, you’re likely savvy enough at online shopping to save a bundle and still get exactly what you want.

    .Coms DELIVER

    Saving the best for last, delivery is by far and away the biggest benefit of buying a rug online. Whether you live in a city and don’t have access to a car or you’re a single person who can’t physically handle getting an 80-pound rug from the store to the car and up X-flights of stairs – delivery is a win. And, with today’s demand for free shipping, many online retailers offer just that. Be sure to check your preferred retailer’s shipping policy prior to buying to avoid unwanted surprises at check-out.

    This is why Orian Rugs partners with a host of wonderful online retailers who specialize in creating an outstanding customer experience for their guests. When you’re online, you’ll be able to see the details of rug patterns up close and enjoy a look at rug attributes, like pile height. And, with the magic of videography, you can even get a sense for how the rug fibers move to determine if the selection is right for your home and family. After all, if you live with someone who has mobility issues, you’re prioritizing the stability of a dense, low pile over a loose shag. Again – all searchable filters.

    At the end of the day, people will likely camp within their comfort zone. But, just for a moment, open your mind to the idea that you could bring a truly unique area rug into your home with a few taps on your phone. And, quite likely, for less money than you expect to pay!

  • Take Good Care

    Growing up in a small town, like Anderson, SC, most of us were raised to respect our elders, care for our belongings and try to fix what’s broken – figuratively and literally. That’s why we deeply appreciate your search for ways to care for and clean your area rug.

    Orian Rugs’ Easy Area Rug Care

    The good news about your Orian Rug is that it’s durable beyond belief. Woven of solution-dyed polypropylene yarns, our rugs offer a level of confidence that others simply cannot. That’s because polypropylene is naturally stain- and fade-resistant.

    Now, that doesn’t mean you have free reign to christen your rug with a bottle of Pinot Noir. It does mean, however, that you don’t have to run around like your hair is on fire when someone knocks something over.

    Yes, you want to move quickly to scoop up offending matter and blot up all the associated liquids. But there’s no need to cry, shriek or panic. Simply use our handy infographic to navigate the right steps in the proper order. After all, if you start with 6 you’re going to make things much worse for yourself.

    And, making things worse is never the intention at Orian Rugs. We strive to design area rugs that make life better on their owners. Beyond beauty, we ensure our rugs are both comfortable and durable. We know that you have families – and families come with skateboards, lipstick, walkers, work boots and puppies. So, we manufacture a product that doesn’t have to be handled with kid gloves.

    Real life happens. And, more often than not, it will happen right in the middle of your rug.

    Breckenridge area rug in seashell

    That’s why we encourage you to give it a shrug and follow our step-by-step cleaning guide. You’ll turn things around again.

    Yes, yes . . . we know you want your house to be as perfect as an Instagram Influencer. But, we’ll let you in on a little insider secret – even their houses get messy sometimes!

    So, here we are – right in the middle of a perfectly imperfect life looking for ways to bring the lessons of our childhood into the future. Whether you do it by looking out for your friends and neighbors, keeping a close watch over the care and maintenance of your belongings or seeking to mend all the broken fences, everyone at Orian Rugs salutes you.

    Because, as long as we live, chocolate ice cream will jump out of bowls and a carefree cartwheel will send coffee mugs careening. Don’t worry – just take good care. Orian Rugs are built to withstand your family’s perfect imperfection.