The most important thing in a spot & stain removal is: act quickly, before it becomes a permanent stain!

Ballpoint pen / Cosmetics / Milk / Oil / Tar / Grease:

Clean with turpentine.

Beer / Leaf green / Blood (dry) / Chocolate / Spirits / Egg / Fruit / Jam / Coffee / Lemonade / Cream / Sauce / Tea / Food residues / Wax:

Use 1 spoon of soft detergent or soft soap which you’ve dissolved in half a litre of lukewarm water and allow the solution to remain for a few minutes to lift the stain.


Blot the excess liquid and use a solution of 1 spoon of soft detergent in half a litre of lukewarm water. Then apply an ammonia solution.

Butter / Candle wax:

Absorb with blotting-paper and then use turpentine.


Dab the stain with alcohol and blot with soft soap or in a solution of lactic acid and water. On white fabrics, use bleaching-liquor afterwards.


Teat with turpentine, white spirit, alcohol or acetone.


Softly rub off, alternate with alcohol and vinegar. Then blot the spot with water.

Chewing gum:

Freeze with ice and rub gently. For old stains : blot the spot, using a dry cleaning solvent or a solution of acetone, alcohol or turpentine on a white cloth.


Use turpentine or alcohol. Clean with alcohol (no methylated spirit !) or turpentine and sponge the stained area with a soft soap, suitable for delicate textile.

Shoe cream:

Apply turpentine or white spirit to the rug.

Tomato-purée or -juice:

Wash out with lukewarm water, apply a solution of biological soap and whip it into the rug. Let it sit for 1 to 3 hours so it can work in gently and rinse thoroughly.


Act quickly ! Apply a small amount of turpentine or white spirit to a clean, white, absorbent cloth and blot the stain with this cloth. Do not scrub the area !

Fruit juice:

Rinse thoroughly with cold water and wash the stain out.


Sponge the area immediately with acetone. Repeat until removed.


Vaccum the dried mud.

Nail polish:

Apply a solution of acetone.

Red wine:

Blot excess liquid with white tissues. Rinse and wash out. If necessary bleach with salt.


Apply a specialised product, available at the chemist’s. Rinse with cold water and wash out.


Damp, apply a fluid, soft soap for delicate textiles or dishwashing liquid on the spot and allow this solution to remain for a night to lift the stain.