Orian runner in foyer

How To Clean Your New Area Rug

Hooray – after weeks and months of searching for the right size, color and texture, you finally have a new area rug. It’s gorgeous and looks great with your existing décor and new accent pieces . . . but before you can even pose for your first Insta story, Sir Marks-A-Lot of the Yellow-Wood Forest piddles right in the middle of your new rug. 

Before you go new pet shopping, take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars that your rug is constructed of polypropylene or nylon. These yarns are naturally stain-resistant and extraordinarily receptive to spot cleaning. You just need to watch out for the backing. If your backing contains jute, it’s susceptible to excessive moisture. 

We’re linking to our care and cleaning guide as a handy reference. There’s a pdf you can print and file away in your ‘OMG, What Now?!?’ folder. For now, though, remember these simple steps: 

  1. Work from the outside of the stain inward to the middle. This prevents spreading. 
  2. Use a dabbing motion with a white cloth or towel. This prevents fuzzing and pilling. 
  3. Follow the label instructions for spot treatment solutions – including application and rinsing – taking special care to minimize the amount of moisture you add if you have jute backing. 
  4. Dry thoroughly 
  5. Take 2 on the Insta story – minus Mr. Mister. 

When you buy a rug from Orian, you’re getting a look you love without a ton of worry. That’s because we create compelling collections with real life in mind. After all, if your kids can’t play on it, your pets can sleep on it and your spouse can’t walk on it – what’s the point of owning it? You don’t live in a museum – so toss out the notion of ‘look, don’t touch’ when it comes to Orian area rugs. From material and texture to color and pattern, we’ve got you covered.