Our Committment

A decade ago, Orian Rugs made a company commitment to being a responsible steward of our planet’s resources. Our continuing goal is to create sustainable, unique value for our customers, while making our world a better place. We pledge to do that with every rug we design and manufacture.

Our Progress

So, how are we doing?

In 2006, we formed the Orian Rugs “Goin’ Green Team” to develop a company plan for all employees to deliver on our promise. We activated Reduce, Reuse and Recycle initiatives for every step of our manufacturing process. It sounded great, but could we actually do it? One by one, our departments found ways to cut waste in the factory.

How? We replaced our plant gas boiler with an energy-efficient electric model. We retrofitted our light fixtures with energy-efficient fluorescents. We repair our wooden pallets and return them to service. Our process waste is recycled into other uses, such as the automotive industry. And our fiber waste is repurposed into fuel or concrete fillers. We bale our plastic and collect cardboard boxes and yarn tubes—all for recycling. That’s how.

In 2008, Orian Rugs eliminated all waste, and became a zero landfill manufacturing facility. Nothing from our rug-making process goes to the dump. Not many factories can make that claim.

Today, we stand strong behind our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program throughout the entire organization. It’s still an amazing achievement, and we’re proud to do our part for the planet, year after year.