Bright, beautiful, fade-resistant area rugs are within reach.

Calling all color lovers! We have something spectacular for you at Orian Rugs. 

Yes, we adore the whitewashed stylings of Instagrammers everywhere, but do you know what else we’re absolutely fanatical about? COLOR. 

Rug by Palmetto Living

Bright, light, dark, saturated, shaded or subtle – bring it on. We are positively passionate about color and its application. And it shows in the beautiful yarns use to weave Orian Rugs. 

ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns get their color in the extrusion process. We call this process “solution-dyed,” which means the color is actually built into each individual filament when the yarns are being created. 

Other yarn makers use a “site-dye” processes – which means that the outsides of the yarn fibers are dyed after they are created. Which, at the on-set sounds fine enough, but you truly want to shop for solution dyed yarns if you want to own your area rug for any time at all. 

Color saturates each filament that makes up ORILONLUXE and ORILON yarns.

Here’s why: 

  1. You can’t wipe color off of solution-dyed yarn. The color goes all the way through each individual fiber – completely saturating it in the chosen shade. In fact, if you cut each fiber in half and looked at it under a microscope, the color would be the same throughout the fiber – just like when you cut a carrot in half. 
  2. Solution dyed yarns are extraordinarily fade-resistant. Translation: bring on the everyday living. ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns stand up to sunlight, foot traffic and spot cleaning for colorfastness that lasts and lasts. 
  3. The colors are richer and more intense to create an area rug that’s every bit as lovely and luxe as you want it to be.  
Rug by Palmetto Living

So, whether you’re in the mood for a dramatic and daring dark rug, a vibrant and happy bright rug or a soothing and soft light rug, Orian Rugs has something for you. And, because Orian Rugs are woven with ORILON and ORILONLUXE yarns, you can rest assured that your new area rug will hold its color through regular cleaning, impromptu dance parties, the kiddo’s sleepovers and cat naps . . . literally.  

Live fearlessly atop your Orian Rug! Our area rugs are woven to perfection.