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The success of Orian Rugs depends on the abilities and dedication of our people.  We offer our employees learning and development opportunities, promotions and job enhancements.

We have a proud history of employing associates who are committed to customer satisfaction. Our workforce is team-oriented, flexible, adaptable, responsive and friendly.

We appreciate your interest in joining our team.

Orian Rugs, Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer.



Gwen Richardson

"I enjoy the people I work with the most. Teamwork is a huge part of Orian's success over more than 30 years."

Pete Middleton
Extrusion Supervisor

"I enjoy the challenging environment, the ability to always be learning something new and the stability Orian has given me. It's a great work environment where safety always comes first."

Rebecca Ray
Design Coordinator

"The teamwork and cutting up with everyone is what I enjoy most about working for Orian Rugs. If you want to work here, prepare to have a good time."

Scott Miller
Director of Design

"I get inspired from people past and present, a feeling of the moment, a building that stands before me, or a work of art that opens one's mind. The rule that I live by is quite simple, take what you see and feel and translate that into your own touch that's reflected in your work. Working with team members on new and exciting products and seeing the finished masterpiece from conception through reality. I get a proud feeling that I have been a part of that."