Area Rugs: A Sum of Parts

When it comes to gorgeous floor coverings, area rugs truly are a sum of their parts. But of all the elements, the yarn is quite possibly the most important. 

The yarn used to weave an area rug makes a tremendous difference on its look and feel. For example, a plush 3-ply yarn will feel worlds different than a single-ply – not that one is better than the other. Whether or not you should shop for a thicker or thinner yarn is determined by the goals you have for the space you’re outfitting with said area rug. 

Because consumer goals are so diverse, Orian Rugs works to create a luxurious outcome – regardless of ply. That’s why we manufacture the yarns we use to weave our rugs, right here, in our manufacturing facility in Anderson, SC. 

What makes Orian Rugs different? OUR YARNS.

And, unlike other yarn manufacturers, we use 75% of what we create to build the area rugs we sell. Why? 

Because we do one thing and we do it well. We make area rugs. 

We’re not in the business of carpeting an airplane or making on-deck coverings for marine craft. We are weavers at heart and passionately work to create the highest quality area rugs on the market. And that starts with a really great yarn. 

That’s why we created the branded yarns ORILON and ORILONLUXE. Used to create the area rugs we weave on-site; these yarns are spun with a specific set of goals in mind . . . to produce rugs that are soft, thick and smooth to the touch. 

And, because no one exists in a vacuum, both ORILON and ORILONLUXE were made with real life in mind. Our yarns are incredibly durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. After all, real life comes with kids, pets, spouses and clumsy friends who spill their wine.

Extraordinarily soft and plush, the Cottontail collection is a testament to luxury.
Cottontail collection

That’s why, when people ask us what makes an Orian Rug so special, we can say without hesitation or pause . . . YARN. Our yarns make our area rugs leaders in the industry – for a soft touch, thick pile and a strong resistance to the things that ruin other rugs. 

So, whether you’re a retailer looking for superior-quality products that will truly resonate with your customers or, you’re a consumer looking for a gorgeous area rug for your favorite living space, look to Orian Rugs. We’re woven to perfection.